Many people strike me as being very negative about their lives and work, but I always try to look at the positive side. I recently began a new job, and it has been difficult. It isn’t just learning all the new things that are hard for me; it is also the fact that my boss demands a great deal from all of us. He never lets up, never gives us a break and he doesn’t even seem happy when we accomplish the impossible.

I worked hard last week because I needed this job, but I thought a lot about quitting. I had already been looking for new employment, so I was hopeful something would come along. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of work available in this area. This leaves me right where I am, and it is anything but pleasant. Turning this situation into a positive has been difficult, but I’m beginning to see it.

One of the things I noticed over the last few days is that my boss works as hard as we do, and he never slows down. When we need help, he is there if he isn’t busy helping someone else. This has inspired me to look at things from his side. He is tough on us, but he seems to expect even more from himself. It has helped me to see he isn’t as bad as I originally thought, and it does help me get through the most difficult work I have ever done.

Finding another job in this area is going to take time, but I can now see that I’ll be up for almost any challenge after only a few weeks here. I’ve begun to appreciate the man I work for, and he is helping me to see that anything can be endured if you choose to be positive.